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Love Limitless began in 2012 as an online blog sharing bible study notes to equip the reader, and since then has grown to be a prominent platform for the growth and nurturing of women across the UK. Through the various conferences, workshops, courses and mentoring opportunities, Love Limitless stands as a voice of truth in a fallen culture.

To say Love Limitless is just a ministry would be inaccurate. It is a space, a tool and many other things. Love Limitless is an ever growing community of women who have a desire to see God's design for women restored to its intended beauty. In a society that says women can not, women are not and women should not, Love Limitless promotes the truth that women can, women are and women should.

Women can be holy in an unholy world. Women are valuable in a world that says they're less than and women should maintain a standard of biblical womanhood in a world that denies its existence. Love Limitless faithfully trains women in sound doctrine, right thinking and audacious living. The heart behind every woman involved in Love Limitless is to see women all over the world look like Jesus. We lift high the banner of biblical womanhood and celebrate God's design and purpose for us all.



Women who reject the lies of this world and accept the truth of Christ. 

Women who know and walk in their true identity.

Women who are equipped to become all that God desires.

Women who understand the importance of and experience the beauty of community.

Women who walk in love, truth and holiness.

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