Love Limitless Ltd (LL) was created to be a platform providing content through various means of information. It is designed to develop young women with the intention of bringing them closer to God, and assisting them in fulfilling their purposes along with living the right life.

To achieve this goal, Love Limitless desires to ensure that all of its practices, content, and its overall existence emulate fundamental principles of the Christian faith.

We request that all who read this comply and respect these principles in whatever capacity or on whatever level of interaction they have with Love Limitless.

1.       Love Limitless supports the following basic Christian beliefs:

1.1   That there is one God, comprised in three persons: God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – they are one in essence, one in nature, co-existing and equally divine.

1.2   The Holy Bible is God’s inerrant, sovereign word given to man by God, which is the final authority in any dispute on all things both in heaven and on earth.

1.3   Without God all mankind is hell bound and on our own merit or works no one deserves God.

1.4   Jesus was God in the flesh and came down to die for the sins of the world, so that all who believe and repent may be saved from God’s wrath and have a relationship with God.

1.5    Jesus died, rose and ascended to heaven and is alive.

1.6   God loves all mankind and does not desire that anyone shall perish but that all come to the knowledge of Him.

1.7    All Christians have a mandate and obligation to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

1.8   All mankind is on earth to live life for God’s glory within God’s will and purpose.

1.9   Salvation is a gift from God given by His grace, received by man only if He genuinely believes Jesus Christ is Lord and repents of His sins.

1.10      A Christian is a person who believes Jesus Christ is the son of God, who ( the who being Jesus) came to die for their sins, and rose again such a person has accepted him as their Lord and saviour, not only by mouth but in daily living, striving to Love and Obey God and His word.

1.11      One day Jesus will come back to judge the world and all those who did not accept Him will be condemned to hell and all those who did accept him will be redeemed to heaven for eternity.

2.       Love Limitless does not Promote or condone: 

2.1   Premarital sex.

2.2   Sexually provocative dressing.

2.3   The excessive drinking of alcohol.

2.4   The taking of prohibited drugs or substances.

2.5   Any illegal behaviour, fraudulent activities, murder or abortion.

2.6   Any form of witchcraft.

2.7   Casual dating.

2.8   Homosexuality.

2.9   Any type or form of discrimination, bullying or attack (verbal or physical).

2.10   Gang, gun or knife crime.

2.11   Terrorism of any form.

3.       Love Limitless does promote:

3.1   Modest dressing.

3.2   Equality and fairness.

3.3   Education.

3.4   The obedience of authority.

3.5   Peace.

3.6   The following of all practice biblical principles.

3.7   Freedom of speech, as long as there is consideration for those who may be affected by what is said and how it would be received.

3.8   Healthy living, taking care of oneself both physically and spiritually.

Once again, we stress that these ethics must be regarded in any conduct concerning Love Limitless Ltd.

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