My Daughter…

My daughter,

Don’t get caught up in the things and cares of this life.
Understand you are full of great worth.

Your value is found in Me.

You are My workmanship.
I created every inch of you and each hair on your head is numbered.
I make no mistakes.

I’ve called you forth to be a light – the kind that can’t be hidden.

A light that dispels darkness and evil. Your life should be filled to overflowing with light.
That light is Me.
I’m your source.

I’ve called you forth to be salt. Salt that preserves and adds flavour.
You are different.
My Spirit in you makes the difference.

Whats acceptable for some, isn’t for you.
I’ve carved out a road for you.
It’s narrow.
So narrow you have to leave behind your fears, doubts and disbelief.
There’s no space for it here.

The things you can see with your physical eyes will fade away. They are bound within time and are subject to perishing.
Worry not about them.

Keep your eyes fixed on me.
Like an athlete running towards the finish line.
I am the prize.

My approval is preeminent,
My will is sovereign
and My grace indelible.

Trust Me.
– Abba Father

Ify A. Ossai

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