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Love Limitless presents INTIMATE! Candid conversations on the things the body of Christ are not always equipped to deal with or are simply too afraid to talk about.

In this season the Lord has been revealing how entangled we as young women can be in the shame of our sins and how we struggle to open up due to fear of vulnerability and judgement. The Lord provides so much help through the Holy Spirit and His Word, so we are going to expose the lies of the enemy and tackle these issues head on! We’ll be holding a number of workshops throughout the year that will look at topics such as pornography and masturbation, dealing with a sexual past, loneliness and singleness and many more. You do not need to be bound by sin or shame. Ladies, let’s expose the enemy, equip ourselves and enter into freedom! Let’s get INTIMATE!

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Our forth year running!!! Wow… Save the date Sept 2rd 2016

We live in a world that encourages us to pursue our sexuality and force-feeds us false images of beauty on a day-to-day basis as a Christian female, one of the hardest tasks for us is to prize inner-beauty, and the quiet, gentle spirit that’s spoken about in 1 Peter 3:3-4. It is for this reason that Love Limitless hold BRAINS & BEAUTY.
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