Belov’ed is the sisterhood and teaching arm of Love Limitless.

Many people give their lives to God with all sincerity, believing in their hearts that they are ready to live for Christ. However, the reality is after such a decision, they go back to the same friends, same habits and same environments that fuelled their past. Their present reality remains far displaced from the standard of God’s Word. The truth is, without adequate teaching in the fundamental things of the faith, habits of the old slowly seep back in. It’s our desire to teach, train and mentor young women at different stages in their Christian walk and set them in a sisterhood of likeminded women. We work with newly saved believers and those who have been in the faith for many years. Our only criteria is that they want and are willing to grow.

Key aims and objectives:

  1. Teach the fundamental things of the faith through facilitated discussions and formal lesson structures.
  2. Set young women in a sisterhood that will encourage conversation, accountability and growth.
  3. Provide an atmosphere where young women can ask the questions on their heart without a fear of being judged.
  4. Offer mentoring and counselling as and when is needed.
  5. Establish young women in a culture that will drive them to be all that God intends.

We aim to partner with different outreach women’s ministries to aid their follow-up process. There are several ministries that hold events which bring many people to Christ and encourage women along the path of righteousness. However, the subsequent pastoral care is often neglected. As members of one body, we feel that we can support those ministries in providing teaching, training and mentoring for the attendees that need it {email for more info on this}.

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